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BioMed-a-thon is a dynamic 48-hour intensive design experience. This event brings together students from diverse backgrounds, ranging from freshmen to PhD candidates, to form multidisciplinary teams. Through hands-on projects, participants are challenged to showcase their innovation, creativity, and communication skills. This experience will also allow participants to add research hours for any professional application!

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BioMed-A-Thon 2024 Winners!



Purpose Statement

The purpose of this event is to address current industry challenges by designing, building, and presenting solutions for real-world problems. These problem statements are provided by industry or agency partners, ensuring that the projects undertaken have practical and meaningful implications. Throughout the intense 48-hour timeframe, the participants work diligently to craft innovative and feasible solutions to these challenges

Location - Dates - Time


Emerging Technologies Building


January 19th-21st


Event Kick-off

Icebreakers, explain the process & resources available, and schedule.

Introduce students to full capabilities quickly for maximum results.


Introduce mentors and inspire students with videos and information about the Sponsor.

Foster an environment to break down barriers, explore new concepts, push beyond needs, challenge the status quo, and set the culture.

Form Teams

Students select a need statement to work on and self-select team members.

Ensure students work on projects that interest them with like-minded peers for a productive weekend.

Get to Work

Brainstorm, create, experiment, test, try, fail, start again, succeed

Gain hands-on experience in the creative/innovative process and learn by actively participating.


Mentors and staff ensure progress and provide constructive feedback.

Provide accountability and identify teams that need additional guidance and encouragement.


Teams provide 10-minute presentations to judges.

Enhance effective communication skills and persuasive abilities when presenting their solutions.

Rules and Regulations

Groups must have a minimum of one freshman or sophomore student

Groups are formed on the spot the day of the event

All need statements will be spread out throughout the room. Students will then stand at the statement that appeals to them. From these stations they will form their groups. 


Q: What do I get from participating?

A: All participants will receive 48 hours of approved Research experience to include on any resumes and graduate school applications (including TMDSAS). First, second, and third place winners will additionally receive awards. 

Q: Do I need to have upper-level course or research experience to participate?

A: No! In fact we highly encourage all levels—Freshmen and up—to attend, regardless of experience. This competition serves as an excellent and easy way to get your first research experience, gain presentation opportunities, or to further develop your skillset.

Q: Do I need to be a BSA member to participate?

A: No! Anyone can participate—and we want you to share this opportunity with your friends. BSA Active Members, however, can receive a discount when purchasing your event ticket.

Q: Will I be competing alone?

A: No! All participants will be competing in groups AND will have professional mentors and officers there to help guide them in their experience.

Q: Where will I be? Will I be in the same place for 48 hours?

A: Our event will be held on campus in the Emerging Technologies Building. You do not need to stay there the entire event so long as you adhere to our schedule and discuss research and work times with your group. We recommend participants plan to free up their weekends (with the exception of any religious services). This event is intentionally held early in the semester to avoid any conflicts with classes.

Q: How do I sign up?

A:  Use the button at the top of the page to register! There you’ll find our Google form to RSVP which additionally has a link to our BSA BioMed-a-thon Registration. BSA has a coupon code that can be acquired by reaching out to your squad leaders. Note that once you make the purchase you will NOT be charged until after you are selected to participate. Additionally, please complete the Application Google form so we can get a general headcount.

Meet the Officers!



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